Monday, June 22, 2009

The first post

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I will employ logos to convince the audience of my point of view. By employing interesting facts to bring about a point of view, which is further galvanized through the means of discourse by the audience and its diverse interpretations of facts. Then and only then is understanding reached.

The key to this blog's success will be the facilitation of learning. Far too many times do I hear that experts should be the only ones queried about important political and financial events. I would call that view naive but it would understate how disingenuous it is. For the capitalist system to work and for the democratic system to work requires the work of all. All need to observe, bring about their point of view and expose all actions for good or for mal, either premeditated or unintentional, by the government, corporations, individuals or groups. Then only then can a society form, blossom or maintain.

To further explain, society should approximate a culture's grasp of truth. This approximation should only be viewed as that, a simulacrum. It can be biased, it can run afar from its true meaning or intent, but by and by it will be exposed as the approximation of truth by agents working in opposition to each other. This is exactly how the capital markets should, and for the most part do, work.

I understand how difficult it can be to achieve momentum from the beginning of inertia. So I hope that all will be patient with me as I learn more about blogging, exposing my thoughts and of course democracy & capitalism. Some of the main topics I will cover are:
  • economics
  • finance
  • general business (undergraduate and master's level: marketing, accounting, strategy, business development, etc.)
  • personal finance
  • real estate
  • portfolio design and strategy
  • sociology/psychology
  • philosophy
So I hope you enjoy. If you need more information or need to get a further fill of the capital markets I would point you to the blog roll. Through the work of others you can learn more than any person could possibly ever hope to retain. I chose the best of the best for the blog roll and these authors are high level strategy personnel at government agencies, investment banks, asset managers and consulting firms. I rely heavily upon them to shape and form my view. I question them often to ground my thought process and I learn everyday that I am in their online presence. So I urge you to take some time to review their portfolio of musings as well.

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