Friday, June 26, 2009

Thus Sprak TheSimpsons

Bloomberg reports on a story that The Simpsons command more money from advertisers on the segments appearing on the website than for their broadcast television version. To be fair this is not an apples-to-apples comparison. If you advertise on television there are about 9 1/2 minutes of ads per half hour show. When you reach out to a web audience it is anywhere from 40 seconds to just over a minute per show. So there is a lot less space, thus it should be more expensive to advertise. Additionally, Hulu makes its members fill out survey data such as age, income, zip code to allow the marketers better information as to who is watching the show before they pony up their advertising dollar. However, The Simpsons as one of televisions leading programs in America for the past 20 years would be the most obvious leader of the vanguard in switching their audience over to the Internet medium. Thus spoke The Simpsons that television will continue to lose its grips on its audience as gradually all programming moves online. Now, I am not bold or stupid enough to predict that the moment is imminently upon us, but rather it will be a gradual process that takes a decade or more to complete. Still, it makes me smile to have cancelled my cable subscription almost three years ago.

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